2020 Top ETFs


I wanted to post on the top performing ETFs, closing out 2020. These returns are exceptional as they outperformed most individual stocks (by a lot), while reducing risk. 

What is ETF?

Exchange traded funds (ETFs) offer diversified, low-cost and tax-efficient access to the world’s investment markets. ETFs are designed to track the performance of specified indexes, less fees.


  • Access to many stocks across various industries
  • Low expense ratios and fewer broker commissions.
  • Risk management through diversification
  • ETFs exist that focus on targeted industries


  • Actively-managed ETFs have higher fees
  • Single industry focus ETFs limit diversification
  • Lack of liquidity hinders transactions



Popular ETFs                                          1 Year Return

Power Shares Nasdaq 100 (QQQ)               41.6%

SP500 Index Mid/Large Cap (SPY)             16.12%

SP500 Retail (XRT)                                       59.14%

iShares Russell 1000 (IWF)                            31%

Energy Select (XLE)                                    -27.11%


2020 Top Performing ETFs

VanEck Vectors Semi (SMH)       61%

O'Shares (OGIG)                         97%

ARK Fintech (ARKF)                    99%

Global Lithium/Battery (LIT)       104%

Renaissance IPO (IPO)               106%

Amplify Online Retail (IBUY)       115%

Ark Next Gen Internet (ARKW)   146%

Ark Innovation (ARKK)                146%

Invesco Clean Energy (PBW)      172%

Ark Genomic Rev (ARKG)           184%

Invesco Solar ETF (TAN)              191%


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