Firing on All Cylinders

Nvidia's most recent quarter, reported 11/18/20 was nothing short of excellent, delivering once again. 

“NVIDIA is firing on all cylinders, achieving record revenues in Gaming, Data Center and overall,” said Jensen Huang, founder and CEO of NVIDIA. The growth story of Nvidia is still intact, as they have continue to have an unbelievable run this year. Data centers are the future of computing, as it is showing to be a significant driver of revenue for Nvidia.


Gaming: 2.27B, ^37%

Data Center: 1.9B, ^192% YoY, ^8% last quarter

Visualization: 236M ^16%

Auto: 125M ^13%

OEM & Other: 194M 

Notable announcements:

-ARM deal still pending closure

-Partnership with Hyundai Motor Group to provide the entire fleet with Nvidia Drive

-Partnership with Li Auto, utilizing Nvidia software

-Partnership with Mercedes to provide AI cockpit for S-Class vehicles to begin

-Unveiled GeFORCE GPUs, RTX on Fortnite, Broadcast- a plug in that gives AI effects for gaming 

-Partnerships with with VMware to create enterprise AI platform

-Provide GPUs to serve large size corporations

-Building one of world's super computers, using Nvidia's data center accelerators 

As Nvidia continues the push into data centers and gaming, I will be watching the top line from automotive segment, as I expect it to exponentially grow in next 12-24 months. 

I still view this as a buy, $595 Price Target. 

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