What to Buy, Now?

As technology has been falling Monday and likely today, the question is- Can I capitalize on anything now or do I wait? I think the best opportunity within technology falling is to get cloud exposure. These sectors have seen tremendous growth this year, as their purpose has been fast tracked. I still believe it is not "too late" to initiate a position, or buy more cloud exposure. 

What is the cloud?

The cloud is the storage of information online that can be accessed from more than one device, around the world.

The 3 primary categories of cloud computing 

Infrastructure as service: IT network powered by network connection

Platform as service: software powered by network connection

Software as service: software applications powered by network (most common)


Per the IDC, here are the countries that spent the most on cloud computing technologies in 2019

-The US – $124.6 billion

-China – $10.5 billion

-UK – $10 billion

-Germany – $9.5 billion

-Japan – $7.4 billion

The prediction by the end of 2020 was $330 billion, which I am not sure where we stand but that is a doubling of cloud spend in one year. 

 In summary, the cloud is the future of data storage: low cost, secure, easy/predictable updates to the system, can scale across an entire organization, or new country. As a storage system there is nothing more cost efficient, productive, however, is it not easy to keep secure. 


My two favorite ETFs for exposure are:

ARKW (contains cloud exposure) 

WCLD (exclusively cloud) 


Favorite individual picks:

CRM (Salesforce)

AMZN (Amazon- AWS)

MSFT (Microsoft- Azure)

GOOGL (Google Cloud-taking market share)

CRWD (Endpoint cybersecurity) *doubled revenue each of last 4 years

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