August 23rd- Alcoa October 15th



October 15th, $40 Call, $2.35

Alcoa is the world's eighth largest aluminum producer, as aluminum continues to be a commodity in high demand, globally. Alcoa's owns seven active bauxite mines globally, which makes them the largest bauxite producers in the world. Aluminum is useful as it has the unbeatable property of strength to weight. 

Key Aluminum Applications:

1) Transportation: EV cars, high speed rails, aircraft, alternative energy generating systems.

2) Construction: high rise building (low to no corrosive proprties), thermal efficient.

3) Electrical: long distance power lines (low density), motors, appliances, satellites, and power systems.

4) Consumer Goods: phones, tablets, laptops and flatscreens. Apple has been predominantly using aluminum for its phones and Macbooks. 

The demand for aluminum may be in a super cycle and the demand continues to mount for current and new applications.