May 9th- Salesforce June 18th


June 18th



Salesforce is the world's largest customer relationship management software. Salesforce is a stock which has been put in the penalty box for the last 6 months since announcing the pricey acquisition of Slack. This was a strong performer in 2020, climbing just below $300/share to subsequently collapse and has been dead around $215/220/share. This is one of the strongest companies in the world -lead by a growth visionary in Marc Benioff. I want to highlight why this company is so special and unique...

-Salesforce in 2017 reported revenues of 8.4B and 2020 reported 17B (over double)

-In last 10 years they have grown revenues by over 1000%

-Continuously spending to compete: the latest purchase of Slack was to put pressure on Microsoft, as the dominant force in workplace communication

-Average Salesforce customer grows revenue by 25% after integrating their software

-88% of Fortune 100 companies use at least one of Salesfoce's apps

-The cloud ecosystem makes more sense than ever as work from home has become ingrained to some extent

Salesforce is set to announce earnings this month on May 27th.